Like everyone, I say there’s never enough. Time, that is. Say it too often, and then it morphs into where the heck did the time go. Do you say I’ll be there in a minute, and wait a sec, or how about what’s taking you so long?  Every word I’ve written speaks to the lifestyle we live. It’s all about time.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING has been my guide when I’m stumped, when I can’t decide what’s next. (What’s next. That’s another moment when I hardly notice that time is the topic.) Life is all about timing.

I’m a procrastinator. I don’t like to admit it, but here’s why I do: maybe my truth will benefit you.

Don’t waste time; even better - don’t waste your time. Do this instead: Enjoy the present moment and you’ll get another one in a second. Enjoy that one and then the next one and … get it?

I’m right in the middle of the first day of 2014. It’s snowing here, heavy and steady. Yesterday was endings, today is beginnings, Reflections, like last night’s confetti, are also heavy and steady!

I’ve got more to say - just not now.
Moving. - I’ve got enough lessons on moving to write a book … or a blog! That’s next.



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