I crushed my elbow and broke my arm in five places in 2002. I woke that morning thinking I had a fun day ahead of me, no idea I'd be in emergency surgery that night.

I started the physical therapy a week later, unaware the finish line was eight months away. I'm leaving out a lot of parts, but the point here is this: innocence makes what's to come easier to manage.

I'd like to be innocent right about now. I've got a left foot that needs surgery, and afterward, I won't be able to put my foot on the floor for three months. Three months. The "knowing" this time has covered me with acrylic anticipation. The pain in my foot though, drives a nail in any possibility of rescheduling surgery (one more time).

I don't have the innocence factor that I did when I messed my arm up in 2002. This time I know.

I've decided to see myself as a reader in the middle of a book I can't put down. That way, I won't notice the days the weeks and the months. I'll look forward to the end of the story instead.

A sense of timing is everything.